C. V.

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PhD Candidate in Astronomy (Current)

Boston University

Advisor: Alan P. Marscher

M.A. in Astronomy (09/2017 – 05/2019)

Boston University

Advisor: Alan P. Marscher

B. A. in Physics and Astronomy with High Honors (09/2013 – 05/2017)

Colgate University

Advisor: Thomas J. Balonek

Personal Statement and Research Interests

An experienced scientist specializing in multivariate time series studies. Looking to blend disparate data sets and utilize novel techniques to drive thoughtful decision making to bring about positive changes for the world.

Using time series data of brightness of blazar jets over time, I am interested in determining the main emission mechanisms of the shortest timescales of variability. I look for patterns, periodicities, and relations at various wavelengths using techniques such as correlation analyses, Fourier and wavelet transforms, CARMA methods, and machine learning techniques.


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06/2022    Blazar Variability at High Time Resolution: What Can We Learn About the Emission Mechanisms?, 240th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, Pasadena California – Contributed PhD Dissertation Presentation (Upcoming)

04/2022    Jet Kinematics of Blazar Jets at 43 GHz: Accelerations and Shock Interactions, Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy – Invited Colloquium (Virtual, Upcoming)

02/2022    Blazar Variability at High Temporal Resolution: Understanding the Short-Timescale Variability Emission Mechanisms, Tufts University Astronomy Seminar – Invited Colloquium

05/2021   Polarization Reveals a Turbulent Jet: High Time Resolution Multiwavelength Observations of BL Lacertae, RoboPol Conference “Looking at the Polarized Universe” – Contributed Talk (Virtual)

04/2021    Short-Timescale Variability of the Blazar BL Lac using TESS, UMASS Dartmouth Physics Colloquium – Invited Colloquium (Virtual)

04/2021     Kinematics of Parsec-Scale Jets of Gamma-Ray Blazars: Ten Years of the 43GHz VLBA-BU-BLAZAR Program, 9th International Fermi Symposium – Contributed Talk (Virtual)

04/2021     Monitoring Blazars at High Time Resolution: A New Golden Age?, Colgate University P&A Seminar – Invited Colloquium (Virtual)

08/2019     Understanding Blazars through Multiwavelength Variability, Stanford University – Contributed Talk

05/2018     New England Regional Quasar and AGN Meeting (NERQUAM), Yale University – Contributed Talk

05/2017     Colgate University Department of Physics and Astronomy Honors Research Symposium – Contributed Talk

12/2016     Colgate University Department of Physics and Astronomy Senior Research Symposium – Contributed Talk

11/2016     Undergraduate Research Symposium at Syracuse University – Contributed Talk

10/2016     Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium Symposium on Undergraduate Research at Wesleyan University – Poster Presentation

06/2016     Undergraduate ALFALFA Training Meeting at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia – Poster Presentation

10/2015     Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium Symposium on Undergraduate Research at Williams College – Contributed Talk

11/2014     Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium Symposium on Undergraduate Research at Swarthmore College – Contributed Talk

Honors and Awards

Colgate University Physics and Astronomy Alumni Award (May 2017)

Colgate University Dean’s List (2013-2017)

Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honor Society

Colgate University Benton Scholar

Class of 1957 Endowed Scholarship (2015-2016, Colgate University)

Ronald J. Taylor ’67 Endowed Scholarship (2015-2017, Colgate University)

Alumnae Leadership Scholarship (2017, Colgate University)

Phi Eta Sigma First-Year Honor Society (2014, Colgate University)