Refereed Journal Articles

  1. The June 2016 Optical and Gamma-Ray Outburst of the Blazar 3C454.3 and Optical Micro-Variability Weaver, Z. R., Balonek, T. J., Jorstad, S. G., et al. (ApJ 875, 15) ArXiv: 1903.04587

Posters Presentations

  1. Kinematics of Parsec-Scale Jets of Three Gamma-Ray Blazars at 43 GHz: 2013-2018 Behavior Weaver, Z.R., Jorstad, S.G., & Marscher, A.P. (2019) Presented at the 29th Annual New England Regional Quasar Meeting (NERQUAM), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  2. Identifying Blazar Variability with Machine Learning WeaverZ.R., Jorstad, S.G., Marscher, A.P., & Balonek, T.J. (2018) Presented at the XXX IAC Winter School on “Big Data Analysis in Astronomy”, Universidad de La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain
  3. The June 2016 Multi-Frequency Outburst and Optical Micro-Variability of the Blazar 3C454.3 Weaver, Z.R., Jorstad, S.G., Marscher, A.P., et al. (2018) Presented at the 8th International Fermi Symposium, Baltimore, Maryland
  4. Connection Between Gamma-Ray Activity, Emission Line Variability, and Jet Behavior in Blazars Jorstad, S.G., Marscher, A.P., … , Weaver, Z.R. (2018) Presented at the 8th International Fermi Symposium, Baltimore, Maryland
  5. The Dramatic June 2016 Optical Outburst and Micro-Variability of the Blazar 3C454.3 Weaver, Z., & Balonek, T. J. (2017) B.A.A.S. #229, id.250.33
  6.  The Optical Variability of the Blazar 3C454.3 over Three Decades from the Colgate University Foggy Bottom Observatory Balonek, T. J., Weaver, Z., Didio, N., Jenks, L., Morris, C., Stahlin, R., Zagorac, J., Chapman, K., D’Auteuil, B., Karnes, K., Reding, J., Sabyr, A., Zhang, S., Boni, S., Rose, C., & Rilinger, A. (2017) B.A.A.S. #229, id.250.34
  7. The 2013-2015 Optical Outburst and Historic Lightcurve of the Blazar 3C454.3 Balonek, T. J., Weaver, Z., Dido, N., Jenks, L., Morris, C., Zagorac, J., D’Auteuil, B., Karnes, K., Reding, J., Rose, C., Rilinger, A., & Lam, M. (2016) B.A.A.S. #227, id.243.60

Astronomer’s Telegrams

  1. Detection of optical activity in the BL Lac Object OT 081 (PKS 1749+096) Balonek, T. J., Stahlin, R. W., Chapman, K. J., Sabyr, A., Weaver, Z. R., Zhang, S., Boni, S. J, Larioniv, V. M., Morozova, D., & Jorstad, S. (2016) Astronomer’s Telegram #9259

  2. A Dramatic Optical Flare and Microvariability in the Blazar 3C 454.3 Balonek, T. J., Boni, S. J, Chapman, K. J., Didio, N. A., Sabyr, A., Stahlin, R. W., Weaver, Z. R., & Zhang, S.  (2016) Astronomer’s Telegram #9178

The time will come when diligent research over long periods will bring to light things which now lie hidden. A single lifetime, even though entirely devoted to the sky, would not be enough for the investigation of so vast a subject… And so this knowledge will be unfolded only through long successive ages. There will come a time when our descendants will be amazed that we did not know things that are so plain to them… Many discoveries are reserved for ages still to come, when memory of us will have been effaced. – Seneca